Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cha- cha- cha- cha- changes!

Well, there's a lot happening at the Reynolds home! Some really great and some not so great....

1.  The bad-- Rowan has been sick. It all started two weeks ago when Rowan was nursing before bed. I was stoking his face and noticed a lump on his jaw about the size of the tip of my thumb. It felt pretty rooted to his jawbone but also was under on the soft tissue.
       I called into work (thank God my boss uses FB) and the next day got him in to see the only available dr. at the clinic (who happened to just be a general practitioner-- not a pediatrician). She was great with Rowan and thought he might have a blocked salivary gland. She told me she wanted to get an ultrasound but wanted to call around to check if that would give her the picture she needed. After about 15 minutes she came back in and informed me that she had been directed to the pediatricians (who didn't have any time to see Rowan that day) and they had told her not to do anything because THEY wanted to see him for themselves.
       So, I went upstairs for an appointment, scheduled one for the next day, called in to work again (which they were VERY understanding about, thank God), and went home to cuddle with my baby.
       That night, Todd got home from doing his Nat'l. Guard stuff and I let him know and the next morning we headed out. We saw a pediatrician (not Rowan's regular one) who checked him out and deemed that he had a swollen lymph node. He prescribed amoxicillan for seven days and said if it doesn't reduce in size or if it gets bigger in that time to bring him back. Which worked fine because we had his Well baby appt. scheduled for seven days from then (two birds with one stone and all that)
        We proceeded to give the meds as directed for that week and it did, in fact, get bigger. On Thursday we took Rowan in to his regular ped. for his well baby and informed her about the lump. She checked it out and said she thinks it's an infected lymph node and prescribed a DIFFERENT antibiotic. She said that if this one doesn't work then we need to bring him back (AGAIN, AGAIN!) and she wants to do an ultrasound or CT scan from there.
       On Friday, we started his new meds (Cephalexin FOUR times a day, I might add) and that night I went to a family BBQ at my sister's house. Rowan started to feel hot and wanted me to cuddle with him for most of the night (which is unusual when there's a lot to explore!). I got him home and checked his temp.-- 101.8 degrees :(  Poor guy. I waited until the next day (Saturday) to give him his infant advil because I wanted to check the drug interaction with the pharmacist. All day he was cranky and cuddly-- just wanting to be held. He didn't eat much but took his medicine just fine. I used cool washcloths and a cool bath to keep him soothed but he was still not well off. You could tell he was tired but only took a short nap and then woke up cranky but, strangely, listless as well. That night he was up almost hourly and I just want to say thank you God for Todd because he took those shifts. I woke up with him at 7:30 and this day has proceeded must as yesterday did-- fever ranging between 99.5 and 100.9, give him his antibiotics and advil, he's happy for about two hours, feed him whatever he will eat, he sort of falls asleep then wakes up crying if you're not holding him. If he's not better tomorrow I'm going to have Todd call the doctor and get him in because three days of fever is just not okay! I'll keep everyone posted on that front.

at 10 weeks :)
2. The good news! We've finally let everyone know about the newest addition to our family :) I'm now 12 weeks pregnant (almost out of the danger phase)!
     This was a planned pregnancy. Todd and I did a lot of talking while he was away and we both came to the conclusion that we were ready for our second (and FINAL) child. As children, we really felt such a joy in having a sibling close in age to us (Todd and Beau are about 21 months apart, and Sarah and I are 15 months apart). We loved having that special person as a buddy to grow with. I mean, Sarah drove me kind of crazy growing up but she's my best friend today and I wouldn't trade her for anything :) Todd feels similarly about Beau (although I'm sure Beau was the one driven crazy, as he's the older of the two).
      It's amazing how different my second pregnancy has been. My morning sickness was completely different; whereas, with Rowan, I was somewhat sick all of the time and therefore lost weight, with this one I feel horribly sick whenever I let myself get even the least bit hungry!!! I've already put on 5 pounds :( My mom joked that this was probably going to be a 9lb. girl >:0
     We are hoping for a girl though. One of each would be perfect, but of course we'll be pleased and feel blessed no matter what God grants us! I'm due March 11th, two days before our wedding anniversary. What can I say? We love to cluster our holidays <3

Well, those are the two big things for now. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more regularly now (but we'll see how that goes with a sick toddler, eh?)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Change and change alike.

I always find myself noticing the change in people-- and resenting it. Have you ever had that moment, where you meet up with an old friend and you have all of these expectations of falling right back into that great friendship of old? Then you find yourself standing in front of a stranger disappointed and sad...

I feel that I should very clearly say that this is completely selfish. It is silly and unfair to expect a person to stay the same as time passes. It is also important to say that people don't necessarily change for the worse either... Merely, my disappointment stems from the expectation and longing to have the same feelings of ease and comfort that I had in the past.

People change..... so much. The only thing to be done is to swallow that selfishness and get past it. Perhaps I need to try harder to familiarize myself with the person with my old friends' face? My way of life is certainly not the only way, I just do my best to be good. I wish others, however, would be open to listening to my perspective. I hope also to be open to doing some listening myself.

On a completely different note, Rowan had his 12month photos done. Who else finds the idea of this AMAZING?! My little baby will be a year old on Moday.......... He did well at the appointment but didn't really care for the cake lol. I'm very excited to see how the session turns out :) Afterward, however, he threw up-- too much sugar for a digestive system that is unused to it.

All in all I'd say that this day could best be described as.............................awkward.